Apparently, People Rule…

And, those with the power make the rules :-)

We will take a look at some of the key players that made Gateway tick, and share some pictures and photos here from time to time.

Name:           Ted Waitt (Theodore)

Born:             January 18th 1963

Place:            Sioux City, Iowa

Ted started Gateway with his friend Mike Hammond (who sadly passed away in 2015) after the pair met while working in a local computer store.  The ride was just beginning, as they would eventually start their very own PC company and succeed where so many had tried and failed.  Out of the thousands of PC start-ups which came and went throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Gateway2000 flourished.

The main catalyst for this growth was Ted himself.  He was driven by a number of factors that are well documented, but the man also had a special connection with his employees, a simple attribute, often overlooked by modern CEO’s.

Ted listened to his employees for the most part, and was never an “office” CEO.  He was seen regularly in all areas of the Gateway facilities, and held employee meetings using a variety of styles, from Pizza and Beer nights to more formal arrangements.

In my dealings with Ted, he was always courteous and listened intently, and you had the feeling he wasn’t just in the room with you, but was actually there because he wanted to be, and not because it was something scheduled by his assistant.  Even when delicate subjects needed to be discussed, he took them seriously, and always took action.  

This wasn’t somebody you had heard ran the company and sat at the top of the corporate tree, his spirit was actually a part of the company and people respected his ethics and philosophies, partly because they were simple credos that made sense.

Today he is runs his philanthropy business and has other personal interests such as the protection of the Oceanic environment.  

Well done Ted and thanks for the spots, I mean, memories :-)

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